Our Refund Policy and Revison Policy

Refund & Money-Back Guarantee Policy

We pride ourselves on punctual delivery and meeting your specific requirements. If we don't, you're entitled to a refund according to our policy guidelines.

Your Rights:

If our services fall short, you can seek repayment per our policy. We're dedicated to your satisfaction as we offer genuine academic support. Our record speaks volumes, with over 97% of customers returning. Nonetheless, occasional issues may arise, and that's where our refund policy comes in. However, full refunds are given only under certain conditions:

Reasons for Full or Partial Refunds:

  1. No Writer Assigned: It's rare, but if no writer is assigned to your work, you'll receive a 100% refund.
  2. Order Cancellation: If you cancel after a writer's been assigned and more than half the deadline has passed, refunds range from 0% to 50% to compensate for our efforts.
  3. Late Delivery: Should a delay occur due to unforeseen reasons like writer illness, we'll negotiate a suitable refund based on the delay's impact.
  4. Missed Deadlines: We promise timely delivery. Delays due to late client uploads negate refund eligibility. Hence, ensure you provide complete details upon order.

Work Quality Concerns:

  1. Disputes: If unhappy with the work's quality, we'll address your concerns. If dissatisfaction persists, an internal review will determine the refund's viability. Our goal is your complete satisfaction.
  2. Plagiarism Claims: A Turnitin report is necessary for plagiarism allegations. We trust only Turnitin for verifying such claims.

Accidental Orders/Transactions:

  1. Duplicate Order: If you accidentally place a duplicate order, inform us promptly. If verified, a full refund will be granted.
  2. Duplicate Transaction: Overpayments on an order will be refunded in full.

Refund Exceptions:

  1. Superior Quality Work: We don't guarantee grades. Our papers serve as reference material and shouldn't be directly submitted.
  2. Revision Deadlines: Delayed reimbursements don't apply for different revision deadline dates.
  3. Editing, Proofreading, & Formatting Orders: Remember, we're working on content you've written, which might have inherent errors.

Refund Processing:

Once we confirm your refund, expect it within seven business days. Note: We're not responsible for bank fees or delays.

Your trust is essential, and we're dedicated to ensuring a smooth experience!

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