Below are our Terms and Conditions.

At our firm, we strive to deliver all assignments on time and to the customer's satisfaction. However, if we fail to meet our obligations, we offer a refund or partial refund as per our policy.

We want you to be completely satisfied with our academic services, and we are proud that over 97% of our customers return for additional orders. In the rare event that you are not satisfied, we offer the following refund policy:

Cases for Full Refund:

  • If the writer has not been assigned yet, you will receive a full refund.
  • If you cancel the order when more than half of the deadline has passed, we will refund you an amount that may range from 50% to 0%, depending on the writer's and company's efforts to fulfill your order request.
  • If the work is not delivered on time due to unforeseen circumstances or the writer's illness, we will agree with you on the amount of refund based on the delay and the situation.
  • If the work delivered does not meet the specified requirements or is of poor quality, we will correct the problems and address your concerns. If you are still unhappy, we will investigate the issue, and a refund will be granted or refused based on the inquiry's findings. Please note that we only rely on Turnitin reports to verify claims of plagiarism.

Cases for No Refund:

  • If you upload the required materials late and cause delays, we cannot issue a refund. Therefore, please provide all relevant information when submitting an order, including any additional sources that must be used.
  • If the work is of higher quality than expected, we cannot offer a refund because no grades are guaranteed. Our papers are for model examples or reference only and should not be submitted as your own work.
  • Orders for editing, proofreading, and formatting cannot be refunded because they include content written by you that may contain contextual mistakes.

Please note that the delay reimbursements and price recalculation do not apply in case of a revision deadline.

If you are entitled to a refund, we will process it within seven business days after receiving the refund confirmation. We are not responsible for any bank transfer fees or delays caused by bank service difficulties.

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