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    The range of which function includes -4


    A) f(x)=2x+5

    B) g(x)= √x+1

    C) h(x)=x1?

    D) k(x)=x2−4

    The correct answer is:

    D) k(x)=x2−4


    The range of a function is the set of all possible output values that the function can produce for the given input values. In the case of the function k(x)=x2−4, let's analyze it.

    The function is a quadratic function, and its output is determined by the square of the input (x2) minus 4. The constant term (-4) means that the minimum value of the function is -4. Therefore, any value less than -4 can be achieved as an output.

    Thus, the range of the function k(x)=x2−4 includes -4, making option D the correct answer.

    Dec 13 2024

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